Fans of Stephenie Meyer's Twilight Saga. (Not to be confused with the less-disciplined Twihards or Twinerds)

Generally more logical in arguments with flamers.
Flamer: only stoopid reetrds reed twilite lol XDDDD
Twilighter: Oh, so you've read it then?
by ~*B May 14, 2009
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(n.) A depressed teenage college girl who cannot decide whether she wants to screw a dead man or a dog.
Girl 1: Oh, I can't decide whether to f**k that dog or that corpse.
Girl 2: You're such a twilighter.
by xio-x2 September 10, 2010
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a hardcore fan of the ever-popular book series twilight.
Person - z0mg i l0v3 tWiLiGhT!111ONE!!1!!1!ONEONE!!1!shift!!!23!#!

Me - u Ar3 s0o0o0o0o0o0o0o a TWILIGHTER nao!!1@$!$@#!!1!!
by sarah delana July 29, 2008
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1)The most annoying group of people you could ever associate with in life.

- Like to point out every little thing about the book series thinking that other people actually enjoyed reading the books or watching the films, which will eventually be a big flop since the release of the New Moon movie.

2)People who enjoy reading Twilight cause other literature was too hard to read.

3) Epic failures.
1) Girl-Oh Em Gee GO TEAM JACOB

Boy-stfu you're such a twilighter!!!

2)Ay dunno howz 2 reed Steevin King bookz so ay luk smart reeding a b00k aboot vampyrsss

3)girl-I bought all the Twilight books, saw every movie up to date and have a poster of every Twilight character in my room! omg Edward is soooooo hawttt!!!

boy-how much did you spend on that?

girl-probably over 200 bucks.

by Jimbo Johnnyseed November 22, 2009
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Some one who is in love with Edward Cullen,the fictional vampire character in the Twilight Saga.
Me - "Holy crap,she's in love with a fictional character!"

Him - "I know! She wants to marry him,or something.She's such a twilighter."
by Jess Hilary Lynn December 13, 2008
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a retarded person who thinks they are a vampire but are really not cuz they are just retarded they need a life and need to get out of their house oh yeah and u know what sucks? stephnie meyer ruined vampires.... seriously retard, they cant get in the sun or they will burn up to a crisp...a few last words.....
"get a life you morons"
that really grinds my gears.....
hey there is a twilighter i bet she thinks edward is "hawt" and i bet she says
by Twilighthater February 17, 2009
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someone who reads/ and or watches the movies on the Twilight series with passion
"did you read all of the Twilight books yet"
"No, I am not a twilighter.."
by G#3995 March 24, 2010
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