Making a person repeat the exact phrase over again unintentionally.
Nick - "I just got my ass kicked in brawl."

Noah - "What?"

Nick - "I just got my ass kicked in brawl."

Noah - "Twiced."

Nick - ...
by PolarBearNinja March 26, 2012
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Running over something that's all ready been hit and dead in the road. Also, haxing sex with someone two times in one occasion.
"Oh sick, you twiced it!"


"Yeah, I twiced her."
by Lonelily January 17, 2008
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When you dis someone, or just tell them off.
"yo you jus got twiced dog!"
by cowcaver November 19, 2009
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Twice Twice is a term to describe a troll level design in Super Mario Maker and in other Mario game romhacking where the assets of two or more sections of a level are superficially the same, but upon accessing them, it has different features like pipes and doors that are rendered inaccessible, new hidden traps and enemies, question blocks that yield enemies rather than power-ups, all that are not immediately apparent at first glance.

As such, this might make the player unable to run through the new section using the methods employed for the old one, and cost them time and lives while tracing the new course. Because of its ambivalent nature, the Twice Twice can make the player assume two things: first, that the level sent them to square one (see CP1), or second, that the level is indeed different and that they should tread carefully.
Is this Twice Twice? It better be, because I'm not doing this again!
by Abarbarea March 06, 2019
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Twice (stylized as TWICE) is a South Korean girl group formed by JYP Entertainment through the 2015 reality show Sixteen. The group is composed of nine members: Nayeon, Jeongyeon, Momo, Sana, Jihyo, Mina, Dahyun, Chaeyoung, and Tzuyu. The group debuted on October 20, 2015 with the extended play The Story Begins.

Fun fact:
The show began on May 5th and ended with Nayeon, Jeongyeon, Sana, Jihyo, Mina, Dahyun, and Chaeyoung as the seven Twice members but JYP then announced that he would be increasing the size of the group from 7 members to 9 by adding Tzuyu, who was the "audience's pick" since she was the most popular contestant by the show's end, and Momo, who was added by JYP himself since he felt the group needed someone with Momo's performance abilities.
"Let me see
How you gon treat me
I ain’t no easy
Better think about it TWICE"
by jennie kim April 21, 2017
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Legends. Queens. Nation's Girl Group. Moms. Talented. Beautiful.
"They're fucking legends" - Jesus
"'Sha sha sha' still has me shaking" - Michael Jackson
"'Merry and Happy' outsold my whole career" - Mariah Carey
"If we were named Twice we would definitely be more successful" - 5H
by stantwice January 14, 2018
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Twice are a bunch of crackheads that will make you laugh. They are a Korean girl group which consists of 9 talented QUEENS
Twice are just QUEENS PERIODt 👏🏽
by LOONAtheGaYs July 12, 2019
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