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Someone who will follow anyone on Twitter just to boost their numbers, regardless of who it is.
"Jane Doe is now following you on Twitter" Who the eff is Jane Doe, damn twhore.
by athalonius May 19, 2009
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2 whores in close proximity to one another.
Look, Jimmy! That set of twhores is walking right towards us.
by Joe Minx June 20, 2006
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(Noun) (plural)
Two slutty girls that are best friends (or "twins") that are involved in overly sexual acts of trying to win over the opposite sex.
Man, those girls are such twhores, even though I like the way they kept rubbing my biceps...
by The Hoss Boss September 24, 2011
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twhore - (Twitter + whore = "twhore") - someone who obsessively updates his or her Twitter status, fueled by their need to feel "connected," thus selling their soul to the idea that all those people out in cyber-land really care what they had for lunch.
Johnny Lame: "Everyone following my life on Twitter is gonna go crazy once I tell them that I'm first headed to the grocery store, then hitting up the gym, then relaxing at home, and all because I love my life."

Billy Cool: "You're a twhore."
by Nashville Knocker June 19, 2009
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Twitter whore, i.e., someone like me who Twitters way too much, especially when at a conference.
"I know I'm being a Twhore, so feel free to unfollow me until Monday."
by Whitney Hess April 12, 2008
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A person or company who uses Twitter just to pimp their product. They usually follow tweeple just to tweet at them and get free advertising.
Some twhore just sent me a tweet about her herbal nasal spray.
by Darbs S. December 15, 2008
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A woman or man that is a Tramp and a whore.
Wow Sally is such a T whore

James is a T whore, 10 girls and they are all ugly
by Willsie March 25, 2008
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