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What you call getting a virus from an online service like twitter.
Damn! All I wanted to do was microblog, and I caught twerpies.
by betacat November 30, 2010
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stupid girl under the age of 26 she is loud and full of herself she thinks she is smart and cant make any mistakes she often has blond moments
She is such a twerpy, she is so loud that no one can get their work done.
by Judith oz October 18, 2007
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1.) To have more than one chin
2.) To sound like a goat in the action of "berthing" when you sneeze
3.) To spell "berthing" like this...
4.) To suck on a banana peel before you eat the inside part.
5.) To eat the watermelon "rine"
6.) To spell "rine" like this..

w e e e e e

e r r r r r
r p p p p p
p y y y y y
by forchuma February 19, 2017
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