A Tweeker that is actually old and doesn't just look that way.
That tweezer has been up for 75 years.
by darcolus January 10, 2009
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An older, gay crystal meth user.
Tweaker + Geezer = Tweezer
"Experience should tell that tweezer he should know better."
by BobbyPeru March 25, 2006
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That Jake kid ruins so many jokes, he’s such a tweezer.
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by WiiURules December 22, 2017
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A name you call someone when you don't like them.
Guy: Did you meet the new guy?
Guy 2: Jarod? He's a fuckin' tweezer.
by Homogeneous Khalidius January 29, 2016
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Tweezer is a slang word created by an Asian-English young lad. It is meant to be used to describe someone as idiotic, stupid or annoying.
"Jacob Austin is a Tweezer"
by AsianLad March 31, 2021
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Alternative word for "Tweakers"
Crack heads.

Originated from a Facebook post in 29 Palms; several people now use it in 29 Palms, Ca
Look at those tweezers behind jack in the box sharing a pipe
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by FlyingJ5 February 06, 2021
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A person that likes to torture people by pulling out their most distinctive characteristic and also enjoying every moment of it. Also known as an asshole with an ashy crack. Basically a jealous person that insults what he/she doesnt have.
You a tweezer, enjoying a person's pain you caused.
by Sinopizankies November 11, 2019
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