Omg call Karon, she’s driving down the gravel road with her tweakin beacon on again. That bright headlamp is a sure way to catch a case at 3a.m.
by Randyom15 May 10, 2021
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It basically means you're off the shits, your under the influence of something, for example, Molly, or anything in that range
"Tell guwop that you're tweakin and geekin -"( Cheech and Chong) by Gucci Mane
by Sillygoose420 March 7, 2016
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A term that started from an Instagram post by the account “@rap” about Tony Hawk selling blood-infused skateboard where the famous rapper Lil Nas X commented “nah he tweakin.” Lil Nas X was annoyed that Tony Hawk wasn’t slandered for using blood in a product while the rapper was, in his custom shoes. The term spread like wildfire across Instagram.
(Insert any Instagram post)


“Nah he tweakin.”
by shadowtoast August 26, 2021
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in English it means "no,he is presumably high on methamphetamine." A person of color says "nah he tweakin"when referring to a skinny white person that did something they don't like. Just like a white person says "No thank you! Hes smoking crack" to a skinny black person.
Twitter : Would you like to drink some of Tony Hawks blood?
vampire: nah he tweakin
by byeb August 26, 2021
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When someone make’s a dumb decision they could be considered “tweakin” so “Nah he tweakin” is a response for when someone who identifies as a he does something dumb or is thinking of doing something dumb.


According to Lil Nas X, Tony Hawk is tweakin.

Let me explain.

On August 25, 2021 @rap on Instagram posted a picture informing their audience that Tony hawk will be selling skateboards infused with his blood for $500 each. At the end of March 2021 Lil Nas X released “Satan Shoes” in collaboration with MSCHF. The shoes were customized Nike Air Max 97’s. The shoes sparked controversy not only for there name but because they contained a drop of human blood. Nike was quick to sue because it looked like Nike had made them even though they didn’t have anything to do with the naming or blood. Because of this Lil Nas X thought that what Tony Hawk was doing was dumb because it would cause controversy. Or that tony Hawk was “Tweakin.” Lil Nas X ended up commenting “Nah he tweakin” under Rap’s post on Instagram and the phrase quickly caught on. At the time of writing, about 6 hours after Lil Nas X’s comment, about every comment section on Instagram has the phrase.
Tony Hawk: Imma infuse my blood into my skateboards.

Lil Nas X: Nah he tweakin


Literally anyone: posts to Instagram

The comments: Nah he tweakin
by stepheng69 August 26, 2021
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Some random bullshit that has appeared in every comment section. You cant go to any comment section without people spamming “nah he tweakin”. Its basically if “what the dog doin” and aids had a baby and shit in all instagram comment sections.
*puts a random ig post*
nah he tweakin.
by RaePiste42069 August 26, 2021
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The unfunniest thing ever said on the internet
"Nah he tweakin"
"Nah he tweakin"
"Nah he tweakin"
"Nah he tweakin"
"Nah he tweakin"
"Nah he tweakin"
"Nah he tweakin"
by Kartoffel Löffel August 26, 2021
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