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The act of not making sense or saying stupid shit
* gorgeous girl says she’s ugly*
β€œNah you tweakin”
by Bitchysweetheart May 09, 2018
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1.To be high on stimulants like Meth or coke.
2.To work obsessively or compulsively on something.
3.To adjust something.
4.To be way wrong about something
1.He did 4 fat ass lines, hes tweakin hard
2.I was tweakin on my room for like 4 hours
3.I was just Tweakin the carb on my truck think the Boston Celtics are the best team your tweakin.
by Steve_Juggernaut April 28, 2006
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Boy 1: "Which came first the chicken or the egg?"
Boy 2: "Boi, what the.."
Boy 1: "My fault I'm tweakin"
by Giddy April 24, 2005
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(v) To be high on amphetamine.
"We be tweakin, like every single weekend, we be tweekin."

"Last night I danced for 10 hours, I was tweakin hard."
by saeed October 20, 2003
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when someone bugs out ( over does it in reacting) or is against what ever someone says,

when someone says or does something so off the wall they look or sound stupid
random kid: Yo my mom was tweakin on me cause i came in late
by ZOE-X September 08, 2018
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Acting senseless or saying random things for no apparent reason or either under the influence of marijuana.
"Man, Janet is high and she tweakin' hard."
by THA.ONE April 30, 2009
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