Chicago slang used to describe your family, friends, or gang. Used alternately as “foe” or “folks.” Derived from “folks and them.”
Speak on my foenem like that we gonna have problems.
by toddsack April 28, 2019
One’s friend group/crew/gang mostly used ironically
“On foenem I smack the goofy out you nigga”
by D'N X October 6, 2020
"Foenem" refers to ones close friends or family also could be referred to as someone's team or squad. at times can also be used as a way to swear a promise.
on foenem, im going to make it out of here.
by Corleone December 21, 2020
Short for four and them. Used to refer to members of the Four Corner Hustlers, a Chicago gang. Foenem can also be used more loosely to refer to allies of the Four Corner Hustlers in the People Nation i.e. Gangster Disciples , Vice Lords ect.
Foenem ain't playin no mo. They gon shoot on sight. That's on foenem grave.
by ghistacio February 19, 2020
Your crew, clique, or gang.
If you knowme you gottaknow foenem.
by Dozzy664 December 6, 2013
foenem could mean anything. It can be a gun, a person or even your gang. This is also used as an expression like when people say on my momma. You can say on foenem but the point is the other person dont know who your swearing on. You could even be talking bout them but the word foenem hides who your speaking on. This is a Chiraq term.
On foenem baby momma i fucked that bitch last night.
by BrickSquadFanzo July 12, 2017
Your crew or your boys are acting out or being foolish. Your boys are tweakin and needa chill out.
Don: aye, Ern over there actin a fool
Boat: yea I know! what the hell is he doin?
Don: Foenem Tweakin’ for real brother
by Blakernator January 25, 2020