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Noun; A numerical measurement of the extent to which a person is a twat. Similar to electrical wattage, the notable difference being that a higher twattage indicates a dimmer lightbulb rather than a brighter one.

"Dude, that kid Eric is such a douchebag."

"Yeah, honestly, the twattage on that lightbulb must be at least 150."


"That guy is such an asshole...what do you think the twattage on that lightbulb is?"

"Him? Definitely a 200 twatt lightbulb at least."
by gotterdammerung!!!! November 01, 2009
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1. Gunk discharged from the twat.
2. Just plain bullshit.
1. My bush is sooo full of twattage.
2. Bush is sooo full of twattage.
by cassysquirrl June 02, 2004
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This is what is commonly refered to as the "power of the pussy"
If you want you rent paid and don't want to get a job, findn a weak guy and put your twattage in gear.
by Killa 02 March 29, 2010
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twattage derived from the verb to twat
1.(verb) the act of making such a connection with the ob ject in question that it does in fact proceed to bury itself in the field over the hefges next door. It is an act of immense supremity, shown only by the most experienced twatters, and one which is sure to crush the opposing team in more ways than one for example the defenceless child stands there like a limpet, as the hench boy with the beast of a bat stands there while his mate feeds him a ball. he just stands there and twats it at them,crushing the small child into oblivion

good things to say when twattage is applied
1. OMFG look out guys this guys got some twatage abilities
2. guys we totally twatted u at that PvP match
by Jms and tbs May 23, 2006
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