(v) to pursue a person stealthily by following their feed on Twitter.
I no longer have to sit outside my ex-girlfriend's house all night; now I just twalk her. It gives me much more free time to play Second Life.
by justjebus August 11, 2009
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v. The specific act of walking and talking on a cell phone, often characterized by the need to turn the entire upper body to see what is being obscured by the raise arm holding the phone. Also generally characterized by a lack of attention for the twalker's surroundings.

n. The act of calling someone on a cell phone while walking.
"I accidently stepped in a huge puddle this morning because I was twalking and not paying attention."

"I am almost out of work, can I twalk you back in a few minutes?"
by a_wrighter February 14, 2008
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Twerk and walk at the same time. Twalk.
I twalk from my car to the bar like a trained professional!
by kendalishiss March 04, 2019
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The experience of walking towards someone who is walking towards you and trying to get around them but they move the same way you do. So you stop and try the other way but they do it too and you have to try it again.
as in "I was a little late because I twalked into a lot people on the way here".
by indiana red December 11, 2007
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