To walk while sending a tweet on Twitter
by herblegerble February 19, 2013
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Verb: Texting while walking really slowly in no specific direction much to the annoyance of anyone behind you who is walking at a normal pace that are either blocked, or need to walk around you. Noun: twalker
Sorry I'm late, I got stuck behind a twalker
I need to quit twalking and pay attention to where I am going
I had to crawl through this twalker's legs to get past him/her
Sorry, I've been twalking in circles
by NicZB February 12, 2015
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Activity that implies physical activity (Walking) and connecting (talking) with others and the environment as a way to improve general wellbeing. Since 2020 there are Interestelar twalking challenges, played in teams of three which include bonuses as part of the activity.
She picked up her phone and went to the park. Since she moved to Australia, she loved twalking with her mum. This was her main way to feel connected.
Shall we twalk?
by Healthy lifestyle February 23, 2022
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(v) to pursue a person stealthily by following their feed on Twitter.
I no longer have to sit outside my ex-girlfriend's house all night; now I just twalk her. It gives me much more free time to play Second Life.
by justjebus August 11, 2009
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To talk and walk at the same time.
Let's twalk along the beach.
by H3 September 20, 2007
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The art of being able to twerk while walking
She wasn't twerking, she was twalking
by taterxwedge75 March 5, 2015
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(v) The act of stocking someone on Twitter.
This person is Twalking me.
by dcalvert2 September 18, 2009
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