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Ketamine, an anesthetic that is used as a recreational drug, also known as K or Special K. It comes in a liquid form then dried, ground into a powder and snorted using a bumper.
I just did a bump of Kitty and I am flying.
by H3 September 11, 2007

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To talk and walk at the same time.
Let's twalk along the beach.
by H3 September 20, 2007

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Attitude on the internet. Specifically, a feeling of position bolstered by the anonymity of the internet.
Dude 1: Chatted up this babe last night online. Hit her with some compliments, I wasn't too forward at all. She didn't even have the courtesy to say 'thanks.'

Dude 2: Sounds like that bitch had 'cybertude.'
by H3 March 16, 2013

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