Technical term realting to devices such as scanners attached to computers.
TWAIN stands for
Technology Without An Interesting Name.
No shit.
And now we'll just grab that picture from the mag via your twain scanner.
by w00x January 08, 2004
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of taiwan, tawny. is a legend, wise, knowledgable, omni present.
-that guy twain has knowlegde,lets go get mashup
- yer, mashup!! -props!!!
by twain September 16, 2005
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A very furry vagina. A vagina so hairy that is vaguely resembles Mark Twain's hair-do.
Birdie went down to Jenny's to get some twain.

by Bunny_of_the_Scots May 05, 2008
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The baddest Jamaican younger out here. Straight outta Peckham. Nobody can chat to him. Gyal love him of.
Is your name Twaine
by Uk drillings October 07, 2018
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Judy won't leave me alone, shes such a fucking twain.
Stop being such a twain.
Bonnie-"Mommy! Suzy called me a twain!!". Mom- " You are a twain"
by Sarahahaha! October 10, 2005
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