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Tuva is a word that defines an awesome, pretty, hilarious, charismatic, sophisticated, witty, brilliant, breathtaking, intelligent and all over remarkable human being, who, 99,99999% of the time, is great in bed. Tuvas are brave and usually earn a lot of money.
Example 1:
Eric: "You know that girl in our spanish class? The hot one? Imma ask her out."
Maynard:"Kaylee? Bro, that ain't gonna happen, she's way out of your league. She's like... A tuva."

Example 2:
Dude 1: "Maaaaan, look at that guy! He's so fly, brave and strong, he's tuva!"
Dude 2 & 3: "Hell yeahs!"
by chucknorriswillfindyou January 13, 2011

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