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The most sweetest and amazing girl you will ever meet. She has a sense of style and will never copy anyone else's. She loves meeting new people and has many best friends and many good friends. She is very well known around here. She is a very gorgeous person inside and out. She is very fun to hang out with and is very lovable and easygoing. She will never judge a person until she gets to know them very well. She has a good heart and good spirit. She is pretty hilarious at times but its always cute. God bless her because she is a very good person.
Person #1: Hey you know Tuul?

Person #2: Yeah I know her! She's amazing and very easy to talk to!

Person #1: I wanna hang out with her! She seems really cool!

Person #2: Yup, that's my Tuul! ;)
by ilovecandyyz July 29, 2011
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