Crazy girl, she doesn’t care what people think, she’s always doing something to make people laugh. She’s the most amazing person you will meet. Tutu is insane and extra. (Her best traits) she will often be nice but easily offended. Don’t get on her bad side or you will regret it. She’s a kween. She’s a baddie. She’s tutu
Who’s that doing the tutu model?

Oh, that’s tutu?
Wow she’s EXTRA!
by naconswife May 5, 2019
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A frilly-looking sort of skirt, made of tulle and worn by ballerinas and cool people. One can tell when it is worn by a ballerina because the person in question will usually also be wearing some form of dance shoe and have their hair up in a strict bun. When a cool person wears a tutu, one can tell because others are always gazing upon them in unabashed admiration and desire. Cool people in tutus can often (but not always) be found fighting crime, assassinating terrorists, and helping little old ladies cross the street.
Ballerina: Look at me dancing around in my little tutu!
Passerby: Huzzah!

John: Emma is wearing a tutu. She's not a ballerina, so that means she must be a cool person. I wish I had a tutu.
Passerby: Don't we all.
by Utmost Costume Authority July 18, 2008
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My grandmother's "family-friendly" term for my vagina in my youth.
-Where's your tutu, sweety?
-It's right there!
by Dream Tiger December 25, 2008
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Dad, Do you know where "Tutu" went.
by rev.chong July 18, 2009
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She is a smart, beautiful and loving girl. A Tutu is very fun to be around and will always make you smile(: Even the first time you meet a Tutu you will love her. She is a really fun person you would love to get to know. She is soooo wifey material and loves a good time. She loves her friends and is always there for anyone.
Tutu is a great gal
by Melaninlove69 February 13, 2018
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A man may say to a lady in a club:"you got a fine tutu gyal".
by bigbattybrian October 3, 2020
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A adverb similar to too, but heavier in emphasis.
by mari von fat fat December 24, 2010
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