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A frilly-looking sort of skirt, made of tulle and worn by ballerinas and cool people. One can tell when it is worn by a ballerina because the person in question will usually also be wearing some form of dance shoe and have their hair up in a strict bun. When a cool person wears a tutu, one can tell because others are always gazing upon them in unabashed admiration and desire. Cool people in tutus can often (but not always) be found fighting crime, assassinating terrorists, and helping little old ladies cross the street.
Ballerina: Look at me dancing around in my little tutu!
Passerby: Huzzah!

John: Emma is wearing a tutu. She's not a ballerina, so that means she must be a cool person. I wish I had a tutu.
Passerby: Don't we all.
by Utmost Costume Authority July 18, 2008
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Female private part, i.e hoo-haor vagina
She didn't have any panties on, and when she bent over we all saw her TUTU!
by Muffin January 27, 2005
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from the latin verb 'Tutus' meaning safe.

"oi mate tutus"
usually used as you 'bop' someone... (respect, using two fists)
"oi mate tutus"
usually used as you 'bop' someone... (respect, using two fists)
by jmoffka May 23, 2010
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Girl: Omg tht was amazing

Guy : Holy Shit ur tu tu looks like a chinese barbecue !

Girl : Wtf ! racist .
by motherfuckaaa22 July 01, 2011
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Tu Tu, is an action which is not unsimilar to ignoring someone, but its done in a non malicious way.

TuTu is usually made by a Derek, Dez or Dezza, however, it has been known to spill out onto friends that are close to him, and it has been known to affect Trevs .

In laymans terms, its when you text, call or ask a Derek/Dezza/Dez a question, or even say something which requires a response and to recieve nothing, however, it is responded to, in said Derek/Dezza/Dez's own time.
Average response time is usually 5 days
Longest known response time was, 7 weeks.


TuTu'd:: I asked him last week, but he's tutu'd me
TuTu'ing: I asked him yesterday, but i think he TuTu'ing me.
Well, he has done a TuTu again.
by Booielicious January 25, 2010
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