An impressive or amazing result from a otherwise unlikely pairing or situation. A compliment. An expressive form of cool.
Deb has a nearly catastophic spin out, but recovers making it look intended and professionaly executed. "Deb rocked that tutu!"
by BDR529 April 12, 2010
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A man's foreskin, typically either a Jew or European.
Girl 1: So did you fuck Steinfeld last night?

Girl 2: No, he still had a meat tutu.

Girl 1: Oh gross, I should of known with a name like Steinfeld.
by Meat tutus June 8, 2015
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The day of the week when you wear a tutu.

Tutu Tuesday has it’s origins rooted in the Burning Man culture, often burners of all gender identities can be seen wearing tutus on Tuesday during burn week.
2/22/22 is officially international tutu Tuesday and it is likely millions of people around the globe will be sporting tutus during their daily routines as a celebration of diversity and creativity on a world wide scale.
“Brah, like check out this rainbow sparkle tutu I got for tutu Tuesday. I’m going to wear it with that sick unicorn embroidered vest and my bunk ass faux fur cat ears!”
by 7bwolf December 1, 2018
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Goddess icon alien from glamazonia. Has a tendency to fall over. Often seen in her best floral dress that is definitely not made of curtains. Home of Phobia love her.
Definitely not ruairithebitch
by Secretruairiadmirerer January 27, 2021
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when your nipple has a ring of hair around it.
“ your titty tutus have gotten quite long”
by chelseastinksssssss March 17, 2020
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Me and Katrina were talking and she said I love you and I accidentally said I juv tutu so now it’s an inside joke :)
I love you! Awww I juv tutu!
by Aileen :) February 5, 2018
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- exclamation - Made up gibberish to say to annoy one’s spouse.
I’m glad you got the vaccine. Tutu no grumbo!

You looking fine today, tutu no grumbo!
by Anal Sampans April 1, 2021
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