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While 69'ing your girl and you are on the bottom. Unbeknownst to you your girl has a poop on deck.In a moment of pure pleasure, she loses control and a turd pops out and hits your forehead, then goes back in, essentially "kissing" you.
"Greg whats that brown mark on your forehead?"

"Ah man, I was goin down on my lady when all the sudden i got the Turtle Kiss ... a big shit just plopped on my forehead then jumped back in her butt. I was really really drunk, so it was cool."


by Mcatron May 22, 2007
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Turtle kisses: Is when a male or a female partially expose his or here own fecal matter, then gently taps his or her partner on the face. Making sure to leave behind small fecal marks or also known as "Turtle Kisses."
Stacy walked in on her roommates having intercourse. What she described seeing was her friend squatting over a persons face lightly taping a partially exposed turd on his face. She later asked what it was she had seen the two doing, and her friend explained to her that she was giving him "turtle kisses"
by Turtlekisser December 31, 2011
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A term for an ambiguous sex act. Used to see if the people around you will question it or just agree with you.
I told everyone that I gave her a turtle kiss and they all gave me high fives.
by Daniel Fooster November 21, 2009
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A Turtle Kiss is when two people who are turtling(when you has to crap but you keep halting it, so the tip of the turb exits while the bigger portion stays inside the anus) put their butts close together and touch turds and then retract them inside again.
This may be done repeatedly.
Tom and Sarah both had to crap, they were both turtling.
Tom and Sarah got their butts close together and Turtle Kissed.
by Louis Magus Crow March 06, 2012
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Turtle Kiss - Noun - A Tutle kiss is when a male or female is giving a male a blow job, and the male ejaculates in his partner's mouth, Then the partner holds it there while the male throws up but keeps it inside his mouth, the the two proceed to make out
His mom gave me a wicked turtle kiss last night
by Eric September 16, 2004
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