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Communist covid propaganda (CCP) is the style of propaganda generated by the West Taiwanese government at the outset of the coronavirus pandemic whereby video footage showed people dropping dead in the streets and people in biohazard suits sterilising streets and buildings en masse. Initially high numbers of deaths were reported by the West Taiwanese government, but they seem to be one of the few countries in the world that have "reduced their number of cases" enough that it is no longer newsworthy - this is unlikely due to effective crisis management.

Despite the spread of the virus globally, there have been few, if any such incidents (people dying in the streets/mass sterilisation squads etc.) elsewhere in the world.

This propaganda was likely intended to frighten people around the world, including governments, so as to destabilise and cripple them whilst providing West Taiwan free reign to accelerate their progress toward being the world's superpower.
Guy 1: "Hey, did you see that 420 people dropped dead from covid in Tiananmen Square on their way home from work?"
Guy 2: "Oh you silly goose. That's just Communist covid propaganda! We all know no one has ever died in Tiananmen square"
by Souper Rare January 15, 2022
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A Pinochet Woodchipper is an advanced helicopter manoeuvre that involves flying upside down and throwing commies out of the door so they fall through the main rotor blades.
Person 1: "Hey man, did you see that commie get shredded by that helicopter's blades?"
Person 2: "Yeah man, that's a classic Pinochet Woodchipper"
by Souper Rare August 4, 2021
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An event that definitely did not happen in China on June 4th, 1989... but in 3D.
Guy 1: "Hey buddy, did you ever hear about the Tiananmen Cube Massacre?"
Guy 2: "reply has been redacted by the benevolent and supreme leader XI"
Guy 1: "Yeah, I didn't think so either."
by Souper Rare January 4, 2022
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Formerly "Ukraine".

A nation state that was absorbed into the neo-soviet empire in 2022(?)

The name was selected by Vladmir Putin as a taunt to any resistance fighters that were not defeated in the first wave of attacks.

The Capital city was changed from "Kiev" to "Chargrill" after carpet bombing by Russian Bears cooked the chicken.

This term also informally describes any nation that has been swallowed by a larger totalitarian neighbour. This includes speculative conquests such as West Taiwan swallowing East Taiwan.

This term should not be confused with "Ourkraine" which was Mykraine's/The Former Ukraine's formal title in the years 1922-1991 when it was collectively owned by all of the free workers of the original soviet Union (A political entity famous for its adherence to real communism).
Sgt Boris: "Mr Putin, we have taken over 100% of territory in Ukraine"
Vladimir: "Ukraine? You mean 'Mykraine'."
by Souper Rare February 1, 2022
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The intense swell of pleasure experienced upon observing someone who has advocated for the cancelling of others on the grounds of "not being woke enough" get cancelled for not being woke enough themselves.

Such cancellation usually stems from the woke crowd constantly moving the goalposts regarding acceptability which always catches up with them in the end.

The cancelled person who does not meet the new classification of woke is typically someone who has a track record of exhibiting traits of the Woke Fordian.
Guy 1: "Did you hear that TV host who kept no platforming people with views other than their own finally got cancelled for their views?"
Guy 2: "This news literally makes me so happy"
Guy 1: "That, my friend, is called Wokenfreude"
by Souper Rare February 8, 2022
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A name given to anyone who professes to be a communist whilst wearing or using items manufactured by capitalist industry. It is often typified by wearing T shirts with Che Guevara's face on or posting to YouTube premium using a $3000 mac whilst sipping on a venti machiatto from Starbucks. Other similar behaviours exist.

Ironically, they believe you shouldn't have to starve for your principles and so they once again project the fruits of capitalism (a full plate) whilst claiming to be communist (starving on literally anything).
Guy 1: "Hey, man. Check out Michelle's shirt. It has a sickle and star"
Guy 2: "Wow, that's an odd design for a $500 Dior t-shirt"
Guy 1: "Yeah, she's a total T-shirt Communist"
by Souper Rare January 5, 2022
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A form of government that has never been implemented in all of human history.

All governments that have claimed to be communist, were led by communists and have functioned in a manner consistent with communist idealology were not real communist governments.

This is because they invariably fail (typically in a truly dramatic fashion) and in a true communist society, no one is allowed to fail (except the grain harvest).

This results in a form of communist duality, whereby a state is only communist when it is successful and is retroactively stripped of the label when it ultimately fails. These failures are usually explained away as being the result of intervention from foreign capitalists, the CIA or any other bogeyman that deflects from the absolute failure of the communist state. These deflections are usually an example of Stalin's law.
Guy 1: "Hey, did you hear Venuzuela collapsed? Typical communist government"
Guy 2: "Venuzuela wasn't real communism."
Guy 1: "Remind me, what is real communism?"
Guy 2: *error 404*
by Souper Rare January 7, 2022
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