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A pussy destroyer is one who so profusely reams a vaginal orifice, hitting it from all the angles, that it is stretched beyond what God designed a vagina to be stretched to in his vaginal specifications, that the vagina is permanently loosened, albeit by a very small degree unless it's a large black man with a small asian girl then there can be significant irreversible damage resulted from the vaginal orifice being stretched beyond full capacity. The result is the woman must do kegels for a few years, or get vaginoplasty to restore her pussy to it's original state.
Man, Sarah used to have the tightest twat in the 'hood. Ever since Kevin got in there though she's never been able to satisfy a man. Kevin sure is a pussy destroyer.
by Dark Lord of the Anus May 02, 2005

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to do an act of kindness for another
hey bro, that was mighty white of you to water my plants while i was away.
by Dark Lord of the Anus May 08, 2005

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someone who got butt-sodomized in prison -against their will-
Tyrone: Hey Juan, that new guy Beecher sure was easy pray. I caught him in the shower and turned out his bitch ass when he dropped the soap.

Juan: Hey homes that guy was my bitch, you owe me now dog!
by Dark Lord of the Anus October 19, 2005

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when a women lies on her back, spreads her legs, sticks a funnel in her womanus and then a train of men comes along to ejaculate into the funnel
a day after the anal bukkake, Sayaka had to take a really large shit. but it turns out she shat nothing but 9 ounces of sperm
by Dark Lord of the Anus May 11, 2005

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A thick encrusted layer of fecal particles that has dried and hardened and somewhat fused with the skin of the buttocks. It results from smearing butt excrement when whiping rather than actually removing it. As it hardens it becomes brittle and starts to crack, then small particles of the fecal-layer waft into the air and can get lodged in people's nostrils or open wounds, causing severe irritation, runny noses and gagging.
Man, Mandy is such trailer trash. I did her doggy style even though her whole butt was encrusted with buttflakes. Each thrust i drilled into her shook off more buttflakes, creating a thick green mist of butt flakes, and I gagged.
by Dark Lord of the Anus April 28, 2005

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A far more fearsome version of the original boogeyman, one so fierce even the original boogeyman himself fears this one. The anal-virginity boogeyman comes in the night to rob anal virginity from those who possess it. But be warned, anal sex fans, for if the boogeyman finds you have no anal virginity, he's still going to get you up the butt anyway.
Son: Mom, where'd my anal virginity go?

Mom: Sorry son, but the anal-virginity boogeyman came last night, and i was powerless to stop him.

Son: Gee, thanks a lot, Mom. :/
by Dark Lord of the Anus May 05, 2005

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when you fart in a public place and try to outrun it, but no matter where you go whenever you stop the smell is not far behind!
i farted in wal*mart and ran two departments down, but my stalker fart chased me all the way!

there's no escaping the stalker fart
by Dark Lord of the Anus September 16, 2005

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