A mythical object, believed to be found inside automobiles in or around Philadelphia.
If only there was a way to signal this turn so the person behind me knows what my intentions are. Oh well I'm from philly and wouldn't use a turn signal anyway.
by Coooolringi February 24, 2014
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Something people have in their vehicles but fail to use.
by Factboi December 20, 2019
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With reference to the first definition about the turn signal being on the left. Of course, in England and Australia for example, which have right hand drive, the signal lever is on the right. I know from having experience.
The turn signal on my car was broken
by Panchoman Jr. November 10, 2006
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An indication between two individuals making love indicating that it is time to change to new positions. After awhile, the turn signal often becomes just a silent indication...
My girl and I have been together long enough that when we make love, just a subtle movement is all that's needed as a turn signal.
by Panchoman Jr. November 10, 2006
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the light that indicates which way you are going to turn while driving....a lever to left of the steering wheel is raised or lowered to start the flashing of the light
Most drivers these days are not aware that their cars come equipped with turn signals, or they are just too "busy" to use them- they expect other drivers to be psychic and figure out what exactly they are doing- it is infuriating!!!!!
by Meadow Soprano December 6, 2005
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Many people do not know this but there is actually a feature on your car called a "turn signal." The turn signal is a stick behind your steering wheel that when utilized, flashes an orange light on the outside of your car. The orange light then informs other drivers which direction you are thinking about fucking going.
Dumbass Friend: I just don't get it, whenever I turn or switch lanes, someone honks at me and gives me the middle finger.
You: Do you remember to use your turn signal?
Dumbass Friend: What's that?
by Father Abraham II August 8, 2017
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A lude gesture involving the extension of the third finger on the left hand out the window of a moving vehicle. While this gesture is most often reserved for the operator of the vehicle, passengers in the front and rear may be recruited as needed. ie. flying the bird as an excuse for driving like a masshole.
Jonny flashed his Boston turn signal as he cut off all the oncoming traffic.
by goldennutsachs July 15, 2012
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