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When a retarded, down syndrome, midget is drunk and drives a car into a turkish hot dog stand mistaking it for a speed bump, gets thrown from the vehicle, and gets smacked in the sack with a vietnamese baby.
I might have gotten botulism from my undercooked Turkish Meatball.
by I'm gay...? December 01, 2009
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when you ball up a piece of shit and fry it, then serving it to a close friend
My roommate told me how he served his little brother a Turkish Meatball the week before leaving for college.
by jordy ross March 05, 2009
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Have the willing female have a large fiber enriched meal, prior to performing this act. When the willing female is ready to shit, perform anal sex and drop a load inside. The woman will then shit on a warm surface and the jizz and shit will mix together. Mold into meatballs and enjoy.
The spaghetti was lacking toppings so she added some turkish meatballs.
by Chip Henderson November 23, 2009
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