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A person who is so stupid and silly yet adorable at the same time. Someone you just can't stay angry with.
*Whitney makes jerkish but funny comment*
Mary: Whitney you are such a turkey butt!
by JibberJabberJib July 19, 2011
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The condition of having one's clothing stuck between the buttocks.When ones ass gobbels up their pants. A camel toe but from behind, a wedgie.
"WOW! Look at that guys turkey butt"
"Yea man his ass is gobbleing up his shorts"
by Sam Lemanski August 13, 2006
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Long bangs (to the cheek, chin or sometimes longer) swept to one side or parted down the sides of the face. Remaining hair on the top and back of the head is of short length (two to six inches) and is freaked or fanned out. The hair on the back of the head may be tapered or have an under cut. The final results resembles something like a decapitated turkey sitting upon the head of the wearer as the back of the head looks like a turkeys' butt (the array of feathers) and the bangs look like wings and/or the turkeys breast.

The turkey butt is associated with the Emo Scene and Scenesters dating back to the mid 1990's

This hair style is female dominate, however it is also worn by males. Older women who style their hair in this nature are mostly business women and the stereotypical "soccer mom".

Current adaptions of the style resemble less the appearance of a decapitated turkey and more of a "messy" or "bed head" style with long parted or sweeping bangs.
"Check out that chicks hair, it looks like a turkey butt"!
by Steventon April 20, 2010
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