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A unique person/persons in good standing, who is the victim of passive aggressive provokation by friends who are motivated by jealousy and personal grudge. This jealousy is always driven by the Dineen's moral values and character and knowing that he/she will never attain what the Dineen has intellectually

Some famous Dineens: Winston Churchill, The Biblical Joseph, Ron Paul.
After months of being provoked by everyone around her, Jennifer realized that she was the Dineen in her circle of friends.
by HorribleHairline January 12, 2012
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To perform homosexual acts on no fewer than 40 men. These acts must result in the person denoted as the dineen being on the receiving end of each act. Also, this person ends the performance with a reenactment of a Broadway play scene, as he is no doubt obscessed with the gayness of this, as well. Also describes overwhelming gayness.
"In Thailand, Tim pulled a total dineen when he walked into that bath house orgy." "He was a total dineen!"
by Zankoman March 19, 2006
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A term for a homosexual that has the least amount of freinds. Often a tool and is used for capabilities that not many younger people have such as driving and a job. Used frequently.
That kid is such a dineen he needs to get some freinds his own age.
by i am the great big dog July 20, 2009
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