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a. L. turgidus, from turgere to swell. 1. Distended beyond the natural state by some internal agent or expansive force; swelled; swollen; bloated; inflated; tumid; -- especially applied to an enlarged part of the body; as, a turgid limb; turgid fruit.
The peeled potato has become turgid because it has been left in water too long. Now its big and soft:P
by Bussell November 12, 2003
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The opposite of flaccid. To become very horny. Popping a huge boner
Brian was very turgid when he was running ahead of the group
by PTV October 22, 2006
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A word used to describe something or someone annoying.
Catmur puting Stini's crutch on top of the coke machine = "turgid!"
by Dave Catmur December 02, 2003
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