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n. The little bit of poo that starts to come out of the butt when the person or animal really has to go. The turd looks like the head of a turtle peeking out of its shell at this point, and thus the name "turdle."
You've gotta let me in the bathroom NOW because I've got a turdle that's about to come out!
by red hot mamma August 06, 2005
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An ignorant, trifling person of typically low educational, social, or economic standing that holds up lines in public places doing things like:
- Removing the contents of a McDonalds order bag in front of the cashier to double check that everything was included, while other people wait
- Slowly recounting returned change in a checkout line, while other people wait
- Methodically instructing workers at Subway how to create their perfect sandwich (e.g. “just a little more mayo, I said more mayo!”, “spread those tomatoes out!”), while other people wait
- Rereading the contents of a receipt at a checkout counter, while other people wait
- Rearranging the contents of their purse or wallet at a checkout counter, while other people wait
- Demanding that a cashier at a fast food restaurant include more french fries with an order (e.g. “there ain’t enough fries with this order”)
- Methodically and slowly piling up food on their plate at a buffet, while other people wait
- Demanding that a public bus to stop and then approaching the bus in a slow manner unconcerned about the other passengers on the bus
- Arguing with a TSA agent in an airport security line about confiscated liquids while other people wait
- Continuing to drive a car in a normal manner when an Ambulance is trying to pass
- Asking restaurant waiters about the exact ingredients of menu items and then requesting numerous substitutions to the ingredients
The turdle at McDonalds removed and inspected the contents of their fast food order at the cashier counter oblivious to the long line of customers waiting behind them.
by the_hao_zi August 23, 2008
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A little piece of turd that resurfaces after a person flushes.
Oh my god, someone keeps leaving turdles in that stall!
by RipD January 19, 2007
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when the crap sticks out of the water a little like a turtle
Oh man, I just had the worst turdle, it was sticking out like 5 inches.
by Petershey February 08, 2006
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(n) a person who acts slow, runs slow, and reacts slowly and also takes big shits
Jack: Hey shawn pass me the ketchup
Shawn:(10 seconds later): ok
Jack: your such a turdle
by Turdle-3000 May 23, 2009
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After you get drunk and are sitting in the tub, this is a piece of pooh that you mindlessly play with and pretend is a turtle.
Aw, heck. Bobby got wasted again last night, and was playin' turdle in the tub again.
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Similar to a turtle sticking its head in and out, a turdle is a turd that makes a short head appearance out of the rectum and then quickly restricts itself back into the safety of the lower intestines and anus. A turdle can occur if a would be shitter is frightened or if the would be shitter has forced the fecal turdle head back into his or her anus due to bad timing (in the car, in meeting, at boyfriend or girlfriends house, etc).
Brian felt his lower intestines launch a fecal turdpedo into his anus while he was sitting on the couch at his new girlfriend's house. His anus hatch was forced open by the turdpedo and nearly caused a Brown October on the couch. Brian contemplated releasing the turdpedo in her guest restroom, but instead decided to "turdle" it until he got home later that night.
by Big Lud the Stud September 25, 2014
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