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When you shake a man's hand and each of you unzip mid-handshake and consummate the union of joined hands with a hearty urination on and around the hands and forearms. This is the highest form of respect and a sign of good faith for a future business or political relationship.
John entered the boardroom and was met by Brian from Memphis Corp. Brian wanted to make sure John knew he was serious about the future business relationship so he unzipped and bore his penis while offering his hand and gave John a proper Golden Handshake. John followed suit and extended his penis towards the union of hands and made it a reciprocated golden handshake.
by Big Lud the Stud May 20, 2014

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A blowjob completed by a Brazilian woman on a German male in which she allows the German man's balls to smack or "score" against her cheeks repeatedly. The German male will often yell "Gooooooooooal" during climax and ejaculation. This act often brings shame on the country and culture of Brazil.
Hans was enjoying a "Brazilian Blowout" from Natália when he immediatley felt the urge to yell, "Goooooooooooal!." Natália's parents and family watched from across the room and began to weep.
by Big Lud the Stud July 11, 2014

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Similar to the infamous Russian stealth submarine "Red October," the Brown October is a shitmarine dump that immediately disappears once in the water. The Brown October is loyal to no one and has its own mission and agenda.
Brian had been on a steady diet of steak and potatoes and his lower intestines had been busy creating a undercover special ops project. Brian had become constipated having not taking a shit in nearly 5 days, so he decided to drink some prune juice to get things flowing. His lower intestines released a Brown October into the toilet bowl and the shitmarine immediately disappeared to a depth of 2 fathoms to avoid being spotted.
by Big Lud the Stud September 25, 2014

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8 spots on a woman's body when a penis can be inserted. 1) Vagina 2) Rectum 3) Mouth 4) Between tits 5) Left armpit 6) Right armpit 7) Between feet 8) Between hands
Bill: So Bryan, how was your date with Monica last night? Did you get a run around the bases?

Bryan: More like a double grand slam, Monica gave me access to her octapussy.
by Big Lud the Stud July 18, 2014

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When someone who has recently eaten Mexican food is spooked causing them to squirt their pants with a ink like shit substance. This "squid shit" is best visible when victim is in a pool, ocean or hot tub.
Bryan was enjoying a nice relaxing soak in his new hot tub when his neighbor Bill poked his head over the fence to say hello. Bryan immediately squid shit his hot tub and used his arms to fan himself down into the deepest point of his hot tub.
by Big Lud the Stud July 18, 2014

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When a man uses a urinal in a restroom but is unable to release his urine with the customary dick reveal due to stage fright. After standing pee-less for 10-15 seconds a man will sometimes discharge saliva from his mouth to encourage his urine to follow suit and discharge. This pee-less stand at the urinal is known as a "shot cock violation" since it causes a reservation of the urinal for a non-pee activity.
Brian had held in his urine throughout the whole movie in order to not miss any scenes. He limped to he men's restroom where he found three pee-less men hogging the three urinals. After waiting 15 seconds and not hearing any streams of urine hitting the cakes, Brian yelled out "shot cock violation" and one of the men hung his head in shame and slowly backed away from the urinal exposing it for use while is pee-less cock also hung it's head in shame.
by Big Lud the Stud August 11, 2014

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Similar to a turtle sticking its head in and out, a turdle is a turd that makes a short head appearance out of the rectum and then quickly restricts itself back into the safety of the lower intestines and anus. A turdle can occur if a would be shitter is frightened or if the would be shitter has forced the fecal turdle head back into his or her anus due to bad timing (in the car, in meeting, at boyfriend or girlfriends house, etc).
Brian felt his lower intestines launch a fecal turdpedo into his anus while he was sitting on the couch at his new girlfriend's house. His anus hatch was forced open by the turdpedo and nearly caused a Brown October on the couch. Brian contemplated releasing the turdpedo in her guest restroom, but instead decided to "turdle" it until he got home later that night.
by Big Lud the Stud September 25, 2014

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