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1. Person is the female version of “Turd.”
2. Person whom is a girl (typically an 18-25 yr old) suffering from early life crisis.
3. Person exhibits weak excessive compulsive lying.
4. Person takes too much pride in itself and becomes consumed in conceitedness.
5. Person alienates all or not most of her former best or mutual friends.
6. Person takes care of “Turd” without nonstop sense of self-respect.
7. Person takes care of “Turd’s offspring” as if they were her own.
Turdette: “Turd” is so like super fit you guys! Those ripped biceps of his and those washboard abs of steel. (has a keggar where his belly should be and flabby arms that touches the floor)

Turdette: No you guys, no one knows we are together. (her coworkers are double her age, takes time off the same time as Turd, even a 1st grader can piece that together)

Turdette: *shakes hands rapidly in the air* We’re not having sexual intercourse! (PAP tests are for sexually active individuals not for a specific STD verification test or just because your health insurance is coming to an end)

Turdette: You guys don’t understand, you’ve never been in a relationship with a guy. (majority of her friends are either dating or been in relationships for years)
by SaveTheChildren December 04, 2010
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A word popularized by a certain "Eddie Cebz" of the New City region dating back to the late 1980's.

A rather pleasant and non-descript remark. relating to the insignificance of a female turd. Also see jerkette
"It's my fackin word! ya wanka/turdette!"
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