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The resistance generated when one does an incorrect open turn while swimming.
Do you see how much turbulation you are generating? If you do another incorrect open turn, I'm gonna shit a brick and throw it at your head!
by Haydontoid January 13, 2012
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Keeps gas molecules on gas molecules. A.K.A keeping air on the air.
NASA: There's turbulation.
Balls McGee: That's a good sign
by BalsMcGee October 13, 2017
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(n) the incorrect use of the word "turbulence." Used to describe one's doing to someone's mother, usually in the bed.
"There was turbulation in the bed with your mother last night"

"I turbulated your mothers vagina last night"

"Turbulation with your mom is my favorite evening activity"
by Worwig October 26, 2009
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