the loss of peripheral sight, which makes it look like one’s vision is restricted to a narrow tube. It represents an individual focusing solely on one goal and suggests purposeful ignorance of evidence contradicting their pursuit of the goal.
My mama told me: "Boy, make a decision!"
Right now I gotta keep a tunnel vision
by Elite Dictionary March 16, 2017
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"Tunnel vision" is when a World of Warcraft player stick on one target in arena and doesn't switch at all. Kind of walking straight down a tunnel.
Lol, that guy tunnel visioned through the whole game, what a noob.
by gigin15 June 14, 2009
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When a person pulls their partner(s) anus apart, and puts his/her head in their partners ass.
Tunnel vision can be;

a popular sexual act, given to teenagers as a welcoming to the gay society.

a test of strength and courage that will be used in the upcoming 2008 Beijing olympics.
by REVOLV3R November 04, 2007
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Limited vision, as in seeing only your own point of view.
"He isn't even considering any of the other solutions to the problem because of his tunnel vision".
by MIL March 23, 2006
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When all of your vision is consumed by one piece or portion of an entire landscape or photo. This is due to the interest in that one aspect of the picture; Common things which cause tunnel vision are both ass and titties.
Jim: Hey, look at how nice that sunset is behind all of those people!
Randy: Wow, I never noticed that because I got tunnel vision from the girl's rack in the middle.
by ColgateASDFGHJKL;' January 27, 2014
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narrow or restricted vision, especially if limited to seeing only what is in front
If it wasn't for his tunnel vision, he wouldn't fall so much.
by Light Joker March 21, 2006
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"tunnel vision" is what paintball players refer to when someone is only focussing on one small area or target, totally oblivious to other targets or threats around them.
that guy got flanked from the left, on account of his tunnel vision.
by Radant September 25, 2003
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