Versatile term in description of various aspects of TubbCo Brand Hash Oil production. That being, the production of oil from starting material of questionable origin, second run, or all leaf runs, as is facilitated by the collection of starting material in a Tub. Neep is never used in Tubb production.
Tubb is the working term for the starting material as well as the end product but under normal circumstances only the starting material Tubb is stored in a Tub. The verb form of Tubb is the action of preparing Tubb for a run, running and collecting Tubb, as well as consuming Tubb.

When one is under the influence of Tubb, particularly under heavy influence, one is said to be "In the Tubb"; as such, being "In the Tubb" has also come to describe any bewildering or negative experience depending on the context, particularly with regards to inebriation. "Tubbing" is the action of using Tubb without getting all the way In. Being In the Tubb and Tubbing are also terms for processing Tubb.

Tubb itself is a very potent form of hashish with a distinctively wretched flavor, yields extremely poorly by weight compared to other forms of cannabis, and is generally the lowest form of oil extract one can make from the plant. Despite this, or possibly because of this, individuals who are unprepared for its potency are caught off guard and end up In the Tubb. The best way to stay Out of the Tubb is to avoid the Tubb entirely.
That girl took one hit of Tubb and got right in it.. I thought it was funny til she barfed on the living room rug.

I'ma make some Tubb, I think we have enough Tubb here to do a run of it.

This Tubb is so nasty, it tastes like salty bark but it gets me blazed as hell.

TubbCo: If you can flub it we can Tubb it!
by Johnny_Rico January 15, 2010
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Tubbs is a fatass cat from the game Neko Atsume. He eats all your expensive food but he won't even touch the cheap foods. After eating ALL your food, he then proceeds to take a nice long nap just to spite you. While he is there, no other cats will come. In short, he is the devil.
Tubbs: *sleeping*
by CounterSkil May 24, 2016
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The guy that defined hot and suave on Miami Vice - a solid icon through the 80's era.
A party just wouldn't be the same without the stoic presence of Crockett and the caustic personality of Tubbs. :)
by toots August 25, 2004
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Tubbs is a fat girl that is always hungry she always eats ur food and she’s scared of a dinosaur in her head
Omg tubbs ate my fucking food that fat whore
by MYKELLL June 20, 2019
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This is the name given to a fat lazy women that you work with, tends to be in an office environment. 'Tubbs' will try and avoid any work by procrastinating constantly either by talking, aimlesley walking round the room looking for things or eating. 'Tubbs' will have an addiction to yoghurts and always devour every last morsal, sometimes even spending up to half an hour scraping out the bottom of the pot. 'Tubbs' has no drive or enthusiasm to succeed in life but expects everything to be handed to her on a plate. Tubbs is also a very nosey person, a bit of a no-it-all and just generally a pain in the ass.
That fat Tubbs is eating a yoghurt whilst staring out the window again. Perhaps she should try doing some work!
by saintsfc12334 March 8, 2011
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an amazing and wonderful friend who has the most amazing vibes and attitude. super fun to be around and will instantly make you smile. 100% guaranteed.
im kinda sad right now, i wish tubbs was here to lighten up the mood
by wholesomeplanet July 3, 2019
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when a statement is made, it is someone who replies to the statement with some kind of idiotic phrase that is just a bunch of jumbled nothingness and should have not been stated at all, and after the "tubbs" does this you are to yell at him/ or her and tell them how idiotic they are and tell them to shut up, possibly even punch them.
Someone can also be called a tubbs if they have a goat. in that case u just touch the goat and make fun of him saying he hates it.
Another definition for a tubbs is someone who has not yet learned to talk to the opposite sex, so you make fun of them and tell them they talk a lot and they know what they are doing.
Ben: Scott is a Bomb
Tubbs: yep lol

Ben: OMG look at those chicks, they are fucking ug
Tubbs: yeah, lets go, we need to get back home
Everyone: OMG WTF TUBBS you fucking talk alot u homo, do u knwo what ur doing or something?
by wildalgo May 6, 2005
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