Tsun is a nonbinary name mainly used by the coolest people out there. They are cool, awesome and have the biggest dick there is (23 cm without a boner)
Damn is that Tsun?
- Yeah their dick is so HUGE
by itsundere May 19, 2022
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The short nickname for the word: Tsundere. "Tsun Tsun" is used for cold/blunt/curt attitude, while "Dere Dere" is used when a person becomes embarrassed in front of his/her lover.
Therefore, "tsun-tsun" is a female character who is usually cold, however the "dere-dere" part is when she starts having feelings for her lover. Or, she is cold to the main character at first, but she becomes lovestruck later.
by Maid-mio November 28, 2010
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When a Person is acting very cold towards a target, which they have a crush on. Like the tsundere archtype in chinese cartoons.
Peter was tsun tsun~ over his late invitation
by vampyrsten February 9, 2012
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The School Up North. A nickname Mississippi State University uses to describe The University of Mississippi so they don't have to say "Ole Miss".
"I'm so ready for the Egg Bowl." "I can't wait until we whip TSUN's ass this year and send them home crying in their pretty little bow ties."
by ByrdDawg August 24, 2015
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A fake martial art, created roughly 299 years ago by an inferior style wing chun master.
by Poweruser1337 April 6, 2009
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