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The best place/site to get all all your needs from Japan. All of your anime, manga, music, and much more needs are at this site, all require Bittorrent to download though.
(Browsing on Tokyo Toshokan one afternoon...) Oh, look! Coal-Guys released a new fan-subbed episode of K-ON! I'm gonna download it now!
by Maid-mio September 20, 2009
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The short nickname for the word: Tsundere. "Tsun Tsun" is used for cold/blunt/curt attitude, while "Dere Dere" is used when a person becomes embarrassed in front of his/her lover.
Therefore, "tsun-tsun" is a female character who is usually cold, however the "dere-dere" part is when she starts having feelings for her lover. Or, she is cold to the main character at first, but she becomes lovestruck later.
by Maid-mio November 28, 2010
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