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Cathryn is an amazing person she cares so much about others. She is gourgeous and the greatest person you would ever meet . There's nothing about her that is bad everything is good . Cathryn is very smart. If you know a Cathryn keep them very safe and be very proud πŸ’œ
Cathryn is amazing in every single way .
by CandyChlo March 11, 2014
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a girl who's smokin hot, super athletic, kinda smart and makes everyone happy. Most guys want to get with her but she keeps it quiet when she does. most cathryns have brown hair, awesome eyes, a good kisser a big ass and big tits to make it. all cathryns know what to do with a guy when they're with them. everyone should meet a cathryn.
"hey is that girl named Cathryn"
"yeah it is man what about her"
"shes super hot and we talked about hanging out later tonight
"yeah thats Cathryn for you"
by THESITUATION#TWO January 21, 2011
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a stunning and gawjuss girl
from the south of england
she is very smart and pretty
everyone loves her
person 1: hey look at her
person 2: wow she is gawjuss
person 1: yeah she is stunning
person 2: she is such a cathryn!
by yes mayte October 23, 2008
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A girl who's smoking hot, super athletic, and crazy smart, though you'd never know it behind her humble soft smile and artistic talent. Most guys want to get with her but she keeps it quiet when she does. Most Cathryn's have long hair and awesome eyes and are a good kisser and a big ass to make it. Cathryn's are pretty introverted but can make anyone laugh especially at parties, although she has many friends, she is loyal to each and every one, putting her girl time over all the boys that want her. Be careful! You might fall hard for a Cathryn, but she's not one to get too attached. Getting lured in by her charm and mystery is something she does well, though unintentional. Everyone should meet a Cathryn.
"Damn bro did you see that Cathryn?"
"Yeah bro she's cute as helll, but I can't tell if she's taken"
"Dunno, but I call dibs if she's single"
"I call dibs on her ass"
by johnnythehunterchild March 16, 2017
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