Adjective - resembling the 45th president of the United States physically, emotionally, and/or psychologically.
Damn, that dude's got Trumpy hair.
Stephanie is like totally acting Trumpy today.
by otteraffle January 5, 2017
The derivative adjective form of "trump."

A unique personal quality of an individual making them capable of inspiring revulsion, lethargy and malaise in other people.

Antonyms: charismatic, magnetic, appealing, charming
"Do you know Dale? "

"Yeah I'm friends with him. Well, not friends. He's super Trumpy...actually a total asshole.

"Word. Dale is super trumpy and sucks bigtime. Like, he sucks zebra dong."
by ncrw October 13, 2016
adj. 1. brash, arrogant, outspoken; known to make edgy, contentious statements that turn out to be factually incorrect.
His Trumpy statements about the professor's appearance garnered substantial attention, but caused quite an uproar around campus.
by CyberSettler January 5, 2016
Word that describes the mindset is someone that is a complete asshole, but has absolutely no idea the level they have reached.
Would it be to Trumpy if I fuck the wife of my recently dead best friend?
by Dudington April 21, 2016
Flashy and showy but with very little substance. Something worthless that pretends to be of high value. (Inspired by Donald J. Trump) gaudy tawdry
She deserves a guy who has real wealth and class, not somebody TRUMPY like him.
by Holmebrew March 4, 2016
Above all races, people, places, and things. (Usually a white/caucasian person) Racist, materialisticwhite
Quit acting trumpy, you ain't no better than the rest of us.
by Lavilav January 8, 2017
Person 1: Today I crashed my car, got fired, and found out my wife is leaving me for my brother.

Person 2: Wow, you're having a really trumpy day!
by Thewinneriestwinner November 13, 2016