That racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic or any combination of those uncle that you didn't want to see during the holidays.

Note: this can be interchanged for cousins, aunts, grandparents etc.
My trumple started a fight with me so I made a contribution in his name to the Southern Poverty Law Center.
by CaitiMI November 24, 2016
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The act of presenting a prejudiced opinion with mindless swagger.

Boy, that Mussolini knew how to trumple an opponent.
by gnostic3 July 30, 2016
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Donald trumps mindless followers. They will usually agree with everything he has to say, despite not knowing what it actually means.
somebody needs to gives those trumplings up for adoption
by namerForRightness February 28, 2016
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To ignore laws, especially the Bill of Rights of the Constitution of the United States and the Geneva Conventions.
America used to be a beacon of hope for freedom loving people around the world. Now our leaders just trumple on the law and do whatever their corporate advisors desire.
by damsch August 29, 2015
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People who are obsessed with Donald Trump, praise him everyday, and get angry if you make fun, or don't like him. Basically the people who start riots.
Trumplings are taking over the world
by ZebraPanda November 15, 2016
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Little kids with absolutely fucked up hair. They take after their namesake.

Also used to describe a racist little bitch.
Man 1: Hey homie, check out dat trumpling over dere!
You: I know right, wtf's up with his hair? He must've used a tornado to straighten it!
by Cozihadnothingbettertodo July 06, 2016
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The aimless wandering after kids wake up and before their parents feed them. Usually engaging in various kid activities with no real direction.
My children trumpled around downstairs before I fed them breakfast.
by MomofThree November 10, 2013
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