A person who may have achieved a great deal in his/her lifetime, but still wets the bed.
Donald Trump was late to his meeting again this morning. He said he was up all night tweeting but I know that man a Russian hooker.
by Sonne:Doof February 1, 2017
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Group of guys hires a Russian hooker with a cold sore, pass her around the group, and see who catches the mouth herp.
Poor Steve caught the mouth herpes when we played Russian Hooker Roulette a couple weeks ago. He's gone through 3 tubes of Abreva.
by texas_lexus February 7, 2013
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this is a women who volunteers at a library and seems to be hitting on little children and pissing them off for not returning books.... other known as "slut"
god dammit that bitch in the library is such a russian hooker spy!
by gokus aingst July 29, 2006
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