A term for the manipulation involved in manipulated factual information alternate fact or statement which has been misused or misrepresented as a means to provide an example or proof for said statement.
Well that sounds like it has been Trumpified.. (In reference to a statement , example: the inauguration had the biggest audience ever..; Walls work just ask Israel.., the murder rate is the highest its been in 45-47 years..)
by hadenuf February 8, 2017
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The moment at which one is suddenly awed either by something wonderful that Trump has done, or by the general realization that Trump is capable of doing completely wonderful things. (Rel.: Trumpification)
OMG, when I found out how much stuff he got done in just one week, I was speechless. I was totally Trumpified!

I watched with great satisfaction as my Democrat neighbor's face began to glow with total Trumpification....you were right! he exclaimed. He's freaking awesome!
by Wendy S. January 30, 2017
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To make great again. Name after the 45th President Donald J. Trump, it use in the way Trump made America Great Agian.
Mandy:"Why did you buy that junked car?
Nathen:"I'm Gonna Trumpify it!"
by TOMDARAK May 5, 2020
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An area that has been completely tapped of all resources and has since become ignored. May be policed by a private "security" team. Live there at your own risk.
If you saw Back to the Future 2 think of Hill Valley when Biff took over and you'll know what trumpified means.

If Donald Trump becomes President, he will trumpify the entire nation.
by Member 248791 November 8, 2016
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Person 1 "That tornado really messed up that wall."
Person 2 "Yeah, I need to trumpify it up."
Person 1 "Well, Are you going to deport the 11 million mold cells?"
Person 2 "With the Trumpify + package it should get rid of them."
by Bruhnana March 1, 2016
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Receiving a fart in the face with such force that, if one had a toupee, it would surely be noticeably displaced.
I found that stripper very attractive until she trumpified me.
by Handlehandle! March 21, 2016
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