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The continuing fear since the 2016 US election that something horrendous is going to happen to America, and the world, with Donald J. Trump as the elected President. Not to be confused with trepidation.
Approximately 60% of the United States, and also the majority of the citizens in other countries, had Trumpidations about the 2016 US election.
by Hillary is my President November 26, 2016
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The feeling of fear or agitation in the moment before you wake up and check the news to see if Donald Trump blew up the world.
I just woke up and want to check my phone for texts, but the trumpidation of seeing who Trump's threatened on twitter keeps me off line for a few more minutes.
by terribleideasallthetime July 25, 2017
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the sense of disbelief followed by utter despair experienced during national pre-election buffoonery
Sam was overwhelmed by a sense of trumpidation as shots of politicians kissing babies and waving guns displaced current events from the evening news lineup.
by brownkat August 26, 2015
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