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AntiFA (or AFA) is short for Anti-Fascist Action. Which is a group that is against fascism, racism and nationalsocialism. members of antifa are very often masked to hide in their face (obviously) so that they won't be caught after jumping someone.
1: I support AntiFA!!
2: I do too!

1: the brotherhood of afa!

3: AntiFA till the day that I die.
by Purpose Inc. January 2, 2017
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When you cum but you don't shoot, it just kind of glide down the dick.
Search for "dribbling water" on google, and you will see what I mean.
Haha, you always dribble :D

Dont laugh at my dribbling :c
by Purpose Inc. May 29, 2016
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Revolutionära Fronten was a Swedish left-extremist militant group.

They stood for peace, equality, justice, and a better society.

They would use very antidemocratic methods to scare off nazis.

Revolutionära Fronten (The Revolutionary Front) was an even more extreme group than AntiFA. Revfront sometimes used teargas.

Aliases for the revolutionary front:
1: I am a member of Revolutionära Fronten.

2: I am a member of AFA.
by Purpose Inc. January 2, 2017
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A disorder that can be a mild illness or a severe illness.
The disorder includes the following: Obsessive thoughts, problems with concentration/focusing... Etc.
Example of an event that can often occur: Scratching left side of your cheek, then scratching right, and then both, and continuing until the 'ritual' is complete. Personally I have OCD and I can tell you, it is f**king hell having it.
Person 1: *Scratching left cheek, right cheek, then both, doing almost everything symmetrically*.
Person 2: Why are you scratching yourself so much?
Person 1: OCD...
by Purpose Inc. April 24, 2016
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When you love airplanes, you know sitting in an airplane and just looking down on the world. Or maybe even flying one.
Oh man, I cant wait to take off!
Why is it so exciting?
I dont know, I just kind of get "aroused" while high up.
Pretty sure you have aerophilia.
(Oh and btw, a fun thing you can do on google is take a phobia, for example emetophobia, and replace the phobia with philia, then you can find some weird fetishes...)
by Purpose Inc. May 2, 2016
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A year of Kartellen, Kartellen was a swedish rap group, they were bank robbers, killers, etc. 2008 was a good year.
1: EY, remember 2008?
2: Oh yeah! Year of Kartellen!
by Purpose Inc. December 8, 2016
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50 is a nickname for 50 cent.

50 cent is a rapper.
by Purpose Inc. January 3, 2017
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