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a slowhead is a person who has been taking way too many drugs and takes like an hour for them to form a sentence.
1: I... Want... To... Go... To... Mac... Don... alds...
2: Fuckin slowhead!
1: what?...
2: *sigh...*
by Purpose Inc. May 14, 2017
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When you cum but you don't shoot, it just kind of glide down the dick.
Search for "dribbling water" on google, and you will see what I mean.
Haha, you always dribble :D

Dont laugh at my dribbling :c
by Purpose Inc. May 29, 2016
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when you are throwing blame, you blame someone else for the shit that you did.
1: He smashed those windows!!
2: Man, stop throwing blame you fucking shitsack.
by Purpose Inc. February 17, 2017
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if someone is see-talking it means they claim they do stuff they see other people do.

(Personally have ran into bunch of people like this)...
1: *see person doing a backflips* I do that all the time too (lier).
2: Stop see-talking...
by Purpose Inc. April 17, 2017
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A stolk is a person that loves to talk a lot but doesn't do anything that they say they do.

(Pronounced like folk but st instead of f).
1: I will so fuck you up tomorrow, you know what I'll bring my gat!
2: Fucking stolk...
by Purpose Inc. April 17, 2017
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ZFG = Zero Fucks Given.

It's something you can use to piss people off :)
It's also a graffiti gang
person hits person 2
person 2: OOOOH MLG FaZe!!!!1111111 zero fukkz gyven!!!! ZFGGGGG!!!!!!!!! 11 wow.exe SpoodermeN1!!!1(111)!!!!!!1
by Purpose Inc. June 11, 2016
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Revolutionära Fronten was a Swedish left-extremist militant group.

They stood for peace, equality, justice, and a better society.

They would use very antidemocratic methods to scare off nazis.

Revolutionära Fronten (The Revolutionary Front) was an even more extreme group than AntiFA. Revfront sometimes used teargas.

Aliases for the revolutionary front:
1: I am a member of Revolutionära Fronten.

2: I am a member of AFA.
by Purpose Inc. January 2, 2017
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