Saitan is the child that,according to the Naitan Prophecies, will be born to Naitan and Mama forman. Saitan is in an embryo like state in a giant single sperm cell. The Naitan Prophecies also claim that saitan will be born a full grown adult, and will aid Naaitan in the battle against Thorntan and Mcmilltan. Currently, Saitan controls Naitan in his sleep, which lead to the whole Thorntan-Naitan feud in the first place, and resulted in many rapes during the night in a 20,000 mile radius.
Naitan: stupid saitan,stupid saitan.
Me: whats the matter?
Naitan: Look at this newspaper!! 100 raped in one night in China!!
Me: Damn!!
by gidetan December 15, 2007
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when a guy works out for 11 teen years striaght then gets rele worked up about fucking a girl and is so excited and full of energy that he thrusts her so hard her pelvis breaks (the thrust is so powerful thats it seems like the person called apon saitanic powers)
oh man i gave ur mom a saitan thrust last night and now shes in the hospital
by jables1525 October 9, 2008
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If some one shows you something that they are saying is great, but you think is evil/could be used for evil you say dis eh no naitan(good)! dis eh....dis eh SAITAN!!!(bad. and yes i no its spelled rong mr.tahn)
guy: dude check out this hermaphrodite porn it rox
Me: dis eh no naitan! dis eh SAITAN!!! TANTANTAN!!!
by gidetan October 21, 2007
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