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Saitan is the child that,according to the Naitan Prophecies, will be born to Naitan and Mama forman. Saitan is in an embryo like state in a giant single sperm cell. The Naitan Prophecies also claim that saitan will be born a full grown adult, and will aid Naaitan in the battle against Thorntan and Mcmilltan. Currently, Saitan controls Naitan in his sleep, which lead to the whole Thorntan-Naitan feud in the first place, and resulted in many rapes during the night in a 20,000 mile radius.
Naitan: stupid saitan,stupid saitan.
Me: whats the matter?
Naitan: Look at this newspaper!! 100 raped in one night in China!!
Me: Damn!!
by gidetan December 14, 2007
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Referring to Sai, Sai-tan is a slang term. It is the equivalent of calling someone the devil with a pun.
Person: Hi, Sai-tan
Random Drums: Bun-um Chhhhh
Sai: (sarcastically) haha very funny.
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by PotatoJedi November 15, 2017
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