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paying a media comglomerate to selectively report information in order to turn the customer into a bigot.
i paid $50 a month just to watch propaganda produced by Big Business!!!
by ggunit August 05, 2004
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Where the media controls the news via print and television, restricting what people have access to therefore controlling public opinion, what you dont know might just hurt you!
the less you know the more you believe.

Also extends into the movie making business which is controlled by small groups over many generations.
I believe americans unfortunatly suffer from media manipulation. Europeans had a much different coverage of what happend to the fourth jet on Sep. the 11th.
by Anonymous April 22, 2003
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The practice of claiming that one or more media outlets lean to the left or right of politics in an underhanded effort to sell advertising for large corporate conglomerates. Often accompanied by the overt insinuation that 'normal' people are stupid and can't recognize any bias in any way or make their own decisions about the 'news.'
I sure wish I could tell if NPR or Fox news was biased or practiced media manipulation, but being such a dumb average American, they probobly know best. I'll let them tell me what to think.
by liz January 17, 2004
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The act of fragmenting a unified community into factions, each faction declaring the other is *liberal* or *conservative* which are, in and of themselves, meaningless buzzwords (though have not allways been so) created and distributed by the media itself.

While Rush Limbaugh, Bill O'Reily or any other "Right of Center" talk show host can claim that the media is biased towards the left, it takes nothing more than the power of observation to realize that AM talk radio, fox news, or any other news outselt making said claims is itself a part of the media.

The same can, of course, be said for the other side, the likes of Michael Moore, and Al Frankin.
Media Manipulation is extrememly evident among the other definitions for Media Manipulation. Especially since the *Media* encompases everyone from the ELF's newsletter to Neo-Nazi magazines.

Most people fail to realize you are only manupulated as much as you let yourself be.
by Hyland January 28, 2004
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media manipulation is the use of omission, exaggeration or repetition to make a 'news' story something it is not.

Often used to promote a particular ideology or fashionable concept.
The staging of the toppling of Saddam Hussein's statue in Baghdad was a classic case of media manipulation. Pictures of this non-event were broadcast globally and repeatedly to give the impression of a massive demo when in fact there were only around 150 people present.
by aj phythian January 16, 2004
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Slapping the monkey while listening to the radio, talking on your flip phone, and checking out on your laptop
Man, I did 20 or 30 seconds of media manipulation over that Olsen twins trailer.
by Orchidizzle May 18, 2004
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Calling Clinton a draft-dodger for getting a college deferment, while ignoring the fact that Dubya pulled strings to get himself past thousands of other people on the waiting list for the Texas Air National Guard after scoring in the 25th percentile on his flight test.
With enough media manipulation, people might actually think Governer Bush can find Canada on a map.
by DonH October 02, 2003
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