A cancerous Youtuber that is part of Team 10 and leeches off of Jake Paul's fame
Chance Sutton would be nothing without Jake Paul
by Rachel Wang August 28, 2017
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A stupid snake that likes to fuck other girls and cheat on a queen for example @tessabrooks o BTW he is a ugly snake ass bitch and uses other people for fame just like his ugly ass girlfriend
Chance Sutton is a ugly ass snake bitch
by Honey you hit November 25, 2017
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A social media star who is one of the members of the infamous group Team 10. For some odd reason, many 11-year-old fangirls ship him with his buttbuddy Anthony Trujillo. He is also addicted to smoking pot, which is the case behind his constant smiling (he is seen smiling in the music videos for "It's Everyday Bro" and "Ohio Fried Chicken").
Chance Sutton
by Manuele Pepe December 6, 2017
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He is a part of Team 10 on YouTube. He is half of Chanthony (Chance & Anthony). He is incredibly good looking!
That guy is nowhere near as hot as Chance Sutton.
by chelloisreal June 24, 2017
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