A truer is somebody who replies true towards a statement, sarcastically and satirically.

When somebody is hit with the 'Any Truers' by law everyone and anybody who heard it has to reply with 'True' to show the irrelivance of the Truer
Mate 1:'This ice cream sucks'

Mate 2: (The Truer) 'Yea so true it sucks'

Mate 3: 'Any Truers??'

Everybody Else except mate 2: 'True'
by quahxzing March 2, 2021
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When someone is more truthful than others. When someone is more sincere to specific people.
Max had more of a truer relationship with Lilly than he had with others.
by Night smarts February 7, 2019
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To be more true than something
by Jocamo November 6, 2018
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Being more true

Example: "no one alive who is truer then youer" written by Dr.Seuss
Example: "no one alive who is truer then youer" written by Dr.Seuss
by Dictionary geek December 23, 2014
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A shortening of the phrase truer words have never been spoken, which in its full length is pretty self explanatory.
Mark: It doesn't matter where you go, money is the universal language.

Mike: Truer words...
by Dud3ManGuy April 23, 2020
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it's a saying to those who live up to what they are being called (like a really caring person or loving father) because no one else has said it before.
by Jimmay03 February 6, 2014
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A term to signal that you agree with something that has been said being 100% true. "Truers" is a noun coming from the verb "trueing".
"Damn, that hoe over there is lookin' dumb thick today. She would never date me though, I'm far too fucking ugly."
"Truers man, absolute truers."
by damn, truers :( July 3, 2022
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