A unit of measurement for currency equal to, not less than or greater than, 8,000. Popularized in the video game "Warframe" by the King of Grand Theft Riven referring to his exceptional selling techniques and accumulated wealth.
Whoa do you see that living landmine over there? He's so rich, he probably has a trove.

I haven't sold much today, I've only made 1/4 a trove.
by Ragnarok1776 December 5, 2020
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VERB{trəʊv} To downgrade an item or action, usually by doing the opposite of what people want and and making it luck based.
Oh man, Andrew really Troved that didn't he?
by Zakkybongo December 20, 2016
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The act of creating something only to add a payed route around the issue.
Commonly seen in the MMO-RPG "Trove"
"Today we added a new dragon which you can buy with a $50 pack"- exclaimed andrew (Trove developer)
by BisquiteCat December 20, 2016
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The quintessential example of a bad economy in a game
After the great depression, the USA was similar to the Trove economy.
by Coolkid67 January 28, 2018
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Noun: A highly coveted throw, typically from a prominent Mardi Gras parade. Troves are usually beads, cups, stuffed animals, swords/spears, or other special items caught in New Orleans during the Carnival season.
Kio never catches any troves during Mardi Gras. He might have one or two generic beads on his neck, so he doesn't look completely pathetic, but his bead game is so weak.

I think I saw Kio trying to dig up troves in the neutral ground dirt after one of the parades. Guttertroving is among the worst faux pas of Mardi Gras.

Look at all these shive troves I caught!

Thanks for the troves, breh!

Trove me something, mister!
by NoLa SKo March 5, 2014
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An act of a politician to try and bury evidence and keep as straight of a poker face as possible, only to retire early based on citizen hate.
Karl Rove's Trove of Terror is finally over!!
by RippinMcNuggets August 5, 2008
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A game where monsters take over worlds (A.K.A ubers) and you have to fight those monsters and level up and earn better loot. it is like a mixture of minecraft and terraria. there are lots of enemies and bosses to defeat. there are many classes, for example there is the neon ninja, dracolyte, gunslinger, knight and much more. there are cool and unique mounts, there are lots of them to make and collect, there are mounts of horses to cars and even fire breathing dragons.

to put it in a simple way, trove is overall a very fun and addicting game, and it is even free!
me: want to play trove?
friend: what's that
me: just search it up on the urban dictionary
friend: okay
by pubgsucks April 19, 2018
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