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Person of Norwegian decendants, quite often seen living in spick areas of east Falun, Sweden.

Often tall built persons who loves to consume massive amounts of beverages and dance to misc music quite similar to car alarms.
When seen or heard often greeted with the phrase "IT'S A TRONES!".
Did you catch Trones shaking his rump to that mad remix of Oakenfold last Saturday? It was like BLIPP BLOPP BLIPP BLOPP BLIPP BLOPP BLIPP BLOPP BLIPP BLOPP BLIPP BLOPP and he was like SHAKE SHAKE, SHAKE SHAKE, SHAKE THAT BOOTY, SHAKE THAT BOOTY
by inphi May 13, 2003
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Peccadilloes shows rule.
by James Messina August 11, 2006
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Short for Patron, a popular brand of tequila. Patrons fame mainly comes from it high price. Numerous hip-hop artists have referenced Patron (and recently Trone) in there songs.
"I'm in the zone must be the goose mixed with a lil trone"
-Baby Bash
by Burntsteel April 16, 2008
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What people in Tooele, Utah say as a response to going out and doing something.
Johnny: Hey want to go to the movies Weston?
Weston: Trone dude! I'm so down!
by Munch2122 May 05, 2020
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Someone who's selflessness and compassion drives them to become better every chance they can get; put others first before them; don't care what happens to themselves just as long everyone they are about are happy and safe.
I've never met a Trone like him before
by TroneDog June 01, 2017
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A spanglish term of endearment used as a nickname. can be added to the end of an existing name, or can be used by itself. Translated to English it means: 'Tron.'
My dear Saratrones, how have you been?

Hi Trones, It's good to see you again.
by Needog September 13, 2006
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A big harry man sometimes mistaken for a Grizzly bear
HOLY SHIT!! a bear... nevermind thats just trone.
by AlexMorley July 10, 2008
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