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Old norwegian pre-christian (before 1100 a.d.), viking word, now used as a boys name, that means :"The one who is satisfied/pleased about his situation/life"
Trond is used as a boys name. Only possible to use in pre-latin old-norwegian viking language and runes.
by Arkhaminmate#1 February 06, 2010
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trond is a guy with a huge sexappeal. he is really cool and all that kinda stuff. and all the girls named laura gives him money (and if they don't they should start doing so)
damn boi you so fine are you trond?
by totallynottrond November 13, 2011
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is a norwegian name from old norse, meaning one who takes a piss when the wind is blowing towards one. also see Noldus.
Trond always fought the wind. and he failed.
by I are piter October 17, 2008
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