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Tritching(v), also spelled as pronounced (Tritchin) or "to Tritch" - This is a word to describe when someone is not only tripping, but also bitching at the same time. So if you see someone tripping and bitching at the same time. They are Tritchin/Triching... This word helps describe when someone is either afraid or overly upset emotionally, while simultaneously being verbally abusive or verbally annoying to a varied degree.
"Look girl, you the one who wanted to see the haunted house and just because you scared don't mean you gotta be (tritchin.) I didn't force you to go in there!"

"All my boss do is tritch. If he yells at me one more time, I'm gonna quit."

"We won the game coach. Why you gotta be tritching all over the the kicker cuz he missed one field goal?"
by Frankalicious-So-Delicious December 06, 2013
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