A girl who is usually depressed and sad. The meaning of Trista means Sad in latin. Only has a few Friends.
"Wow, I feel like a Trista today."
by HighFivingFaces42 January 28, 2018
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A girl that is just like the sound of her name (beautiful). When she walks in a room no one can take her eyes off of her. She always finds a way to make you laugh even if your having a bad day. She’s incredibly funny. Her beauty radiates off of her and makes anything she touches perfect. Though she is a cougar you never want to lose this girl. She is the best thing that will ever happen in your entire life so don’t screw it up man. Oh and I forgot to mention she has the most adorable smile and laugh. She is perfect.
Man Trista is so gorgeous.

I love you so so much Trista.
by 69dylan69 February 04, 2021
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Trista is usually a girl who is either Hispanic of Filipino, With brown hair and brown eyes. Trista is beautiful and intelligent, She’s the type of person who would never tell or spread a rumour and would never lie.
Boy: “Did you see that new girl?”

Boy; “Yeah, I think her names trista.”
by Katelyn12123 January 18, 2021
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Trista is a Filipino girl. She has brown hair and brown eyes. She is a very vain person. She can sometimes be inconsiderate and self-centred. She attracts all of the guys and makes all the other girls jealous. She tends to know what she wants and goes after it no matter what. She is a man stealer and she will hook up with a guy just to rub it in someone's face. She is also a very eccentric person. She is always perfecting her makeup, clothes, hair, etc. Trista is always looking at herself in the mirror.
Trista is a girl that steals other girls' mansssss.
by thenamedefinitions December 03, 2018
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Someone who cares a lot about the people she hangs out with, but also someone who doesn't give a fuck what anyone thinks about them. Often a really pretty short girl with black or brown hair with hazel or brown eyes. May give out a chill or very hyper vibe. Can be very crazy sometimes, yet also can be super chill and relaxed. Trista's really care about their close friends, family, boyfriend/girlfriend, or husband/wife. They know when to be nice, and they know when to keep their mouths shut. No matter what, they are very good friends to have and an even better partner.
Boy 1: Bro straight up, Trista is H O T.
Boy 2: Yeah I know bro, she's so caring about others.
by Chungus_FootFungus September 10, 2020
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the name for the sluttiest girl u will ever meet
she’s goth as fuck and she’s completely flat chested
she’s absolutely worthless but thinks everyone adores her
garion:yo did u see that twiggy girl over there
cole:yamon!!!!!!she smelled like fish and cigarettes the other night!!!!!!
garion:must have a been a trista
by VSCOBaddie November 14, 2019
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Someone who acts fake is someone who talks shit about a certain person, and then when that certain person is around they are nice to them Acts like it never happened. She is a hoe. Manipulative and a bitch
Ugh I hate that hoe Trista
by Blah bitch January 25, 2019
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