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1. The art of being fearless in the bedroom when it comes to pounding box.

2. During the act of pounding box, there are no limits to how far you will go to show her who is boss.

3. On a female the licking and cleaning of the anus and the region above or below ( depends what position your in ) the box.

4. Once recieving the title everyone knows who the 100% Certfied guys are and they attract girls who want to get certified.
Guy 1: Yo last night I had sex with this dime slimmy.
Guy 2: Nice breh did you lick her asshole?
Guy 1: No why you ask?
Guy 2: Cause then your pathetic self ain't "100% Certified."

Rico Suave loves lickin anus and cleaning that shit with his tongue...That white boy is 100% Certified.

"Girls love guys who are 100% Certified"
by Rico #10 December 17, 2009
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