tripod monopod stringer cameraman news photog
Stringer: “We sent in professional tripoded footage to the news stations”
by AdamLLNNYC February 24, 2019
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a man with a penis so big, it is interpreted as a third leg, hence 'tripod'
You are a tripod.
by Anthony Zavarelli May 24, 2002
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1.) A three-legged supporting stand used to hold an object in place

2.) A man sporting a large penis

3.) A group of three friends who are mutually dependant on each other, and privileged to tell people that they have TWO best friends
"Let me set up the tripod so I can take the photo"

Guy: "Your friend Dave's ego is through the roof"
Kev "Yea, he's a tripod"

Guy: "Are you worried about falling out of contact with your old college buddies?"
Ben: "no ones will kick a leg out of the tripod"
by David Read January 23, 2008
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A man with a large penis who when naked appears to have three legs supporting him.
Billy "Gee, your friend Pongo has three legs!"

Jenny "No no, he just has a large penis"

Billy "Oh, so that is why people call him tripod"

Jenny "That's right genius. Well done"

Billy "Thanks... I love you Jenny. Wanna make out?"

by theflightmusic January 10, 2006
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When two lesbians with COPD scissor.
Last night the girl I was fucking wanted to try tripoding.
by dirtyd335 March 2, 2020
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When a certain individual of yours that should be male has a third leg (Large Penis) also know as a tripod because of the mass and weight and velocity swell as how viscous it can be. The Bigger the tripod the bigger the nut milk. People with a tripod can hold them selfs up with it alone with assistance from its other legs { an example would be Squidward tenticals}.
Person Without Big Dick Energy Andrew: Hey man how are you holding yourself up??
Tripod man Dante: I'm using my tripod to hold my self up, my guy.
Person Without Big Dick Energy Andrew: But how can you do such a thing . That is deadass impossible!
Tripod Man Dante: Well nigga it is because I got the BIGGEST DICK ENERGY OUT THERE.
"You see that guy over there"
"yea why"
"They call him the tripod"
"its because his dick is massive"
by HentaiLordXxx42069 November 12, 2018
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A man whose penis is so large, that it resembles a third leg, resembling a tripod. A less extreme version of Second Torso.
Damn, that guy was a goddamn tripod! I won't be able to sit down for a month!
by Greg "Second Torso" Sheehan February 11, 2006
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